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Robert rob at koepferl.de
Wed Oct 12 00:47:42 CEST 2005

By naming it win32, are you aware of the already moving 64bit train?
By that coming awful compromises as Win32 on Win64, Com-reg dublicatgion 
and maybe one source compatible just win- subsystem
Oh, that's all awful with this naming.
BTW I do also like the (original) idea of freely exchangeable sub 
system. That sayd it will also be the case that win32 is the 
primary+default delivered and compiled personality.
Casper Hornstrup schrieb:

>It would be advantageous to first have a discussion and then a vote.
>It makes sense that Win16 be separate too so why not call the module
>win32 instead?
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>>Should I call for a VOTE, or is it OK having a top level module for all
>>Win32 related pieces?
>>Please, comment.
>>Thank you in advance.
>>:Emanuele Aliberti
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