[ros-dev] FreeWin95

Emanuele Aliberti ea at iol.it
Tue Oct 11 22:18:51 CEST 2005

Hi Gunnar Dalsnes,

> I dont understand what this "fight" is about. Could you and Alex 
> elaborate? I would take part in this discussion too, if i only knew 
> what it is about;-)
> G.
> Emanuele Aliberti wrote:
>> I just want to warn you are going to build FreeWin95 with WDM support.

There is no "fight". Just a "disagreement with some design choices", as 
correctly Jason said. Probably a vote will eventually close it. But, as 
you too ask for, a technical discussion is required, presenting 
arguments pro and contra.

The design choice, in short, is the rôle of the "Client/Server Runtime 
SubSystem" (CSR=CSRSS.EXE+CSRSRV.DLL) in the design of the "O.S. 
Personality" code, that is the emulation code that manages processes of 
the same operating system in user mode, making them belive to run on the 
emulated O.S.

Think about it like the program run by the Architect in Matrix: when you 
double click on Microsoft Word's icon and the process is created, it 
happily belives to run under Windows, it can see the familiar libraries, 
it can call CreateFile and get back a reasonable file. In fact, 
CreateFile calls NtCreateFile and so on. Microsoft Word lives in a fake 
World. ;)

The two opposite directions the CSR can turn for are:
- be a process totally bound to the Windows personality
- be a general purpose process, a facility for any kind of personality

More on demand.

:Emanuele Aliberti

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