[ros-dev] FreeWin95

D. Hazelton dhazelton at enter.net
Mon Oct 10 01:52:25 CEST 2005

On Monday 10 October 2005 03:23, Richard Campbell wrote:
> This discussion has come up on the list many times in the past
> (well, as far as skinning goes).  Until ROS can run reliably and
> fast, there is no need for skinning support.  When you can
> successfully run the NVidia installer to install your graphics
> drivers, then upon reboot run a dx9 or OpenGL based game and play
> for hours on end, THEN skinning support should be considered. 
> Right now we still have graphical corruption just from our CURRENT
> windows classic look.

I cannot disagree with this logic but the fact that XP has moved the 
graphic style from the GDI routines and into a helper DLL cannot be 
overlooked - doubly so if ReactOS is to be intuitive to the generic 
WindowsXP user, who might try installing an XP theme like those 
available with the XP version of the WindowBlinds program.

That case, however, is a long way off - The few people I've mentioned 
ROS to have said "get back to me when it's truly stable and I'll try 
it out". That's not any of my clients, but a few local programmers 
and at least two of the hardware vendors I use.


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