[ros-dev] FreeWin95

Martin Fuchs fuchs.martin at gmail.com
Sun Oct 9 23:21:18 CEST 2005

2005/10/9, michael at fritscher.net <michael at fritscher.net>:
> Little problem:
> Our GUI is very slow even without skinning atm, I don't want to know how
> slow would it be with skinning...
> So I think we must make the GUI very much faster before we can think of
> skinning etc.

I think the main reason for the slowness are missing optimizations.
For example the DeferWindows() API is currently not implemented, but
replaced by calls to the synchronous SetWindowPos() API. I don't know
to current kernel/WIN32 code good enough, but expect there are many
other examples like this. What's also missing are accelerated screen
drivers. Things like a generic S3 accelerating driver...

> There are a lot of alternate Shells around, first try these before making
> a complete new ;)

Correct. If you want to make a completely other (better) GUI, I would
recommend to take that of those programs, which is closest to that you
are seeking, and build what you need additional on top of this.



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