[ros-dev] The ROS Wiki Mentions you need volunteers...

TwoTailedFox twotailedfox at gmail.com
Sun Oct 9 22:24:51 CEST 2005

I was looking at the Wiki's "New Homepage Content", and it mentioned
you needed volunteers, to scan the mailing lists, etc, for a useful
end-of-week Newsletter.

Well, I'd like to volunteer. I use Gmail to subscribe to The ROS and
VLC lists, and it presents Emails as Conversations, minimising search
time for specific parts of an email. That, and I religiously digest
what I can, both on ROS, ROS-Dev, and the ROS-Dev SVN Commits.

I'd like to do something to help contribute to ReactOS, and a Weekly
Newsletter sounds quite appealing. I've done the odd article for a few
IRL ones, so this is hopefully taking the next logical step.

I've got a good grasp of English (Or so I'd like to think, but I swear
the typo demon is about to leap out of my keyboard, and remove an "e"
when I least expect it...), and good English is an excellent way to
tell a user, "Wow, these guys aren't just another amateur batch of

So.. yeah, consider me Vounteered.

-Stuart Robbins
"I had a handle on life, but then it broke"

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