[ros-dev] RE: 18273: create some start menu entries for notepad, regedit and winefile

Emanuele Aliberti ea at iol.it
Sun Oct 9 15:10:52 CEST 2005

I am not against icons. I was talking about ergonomics and previous 
usage of a product.

Perhaps, in the second stage setup, we could put a checkbox:

[ ] Add as many icons as you can on the desktop.

TwoTailedFox wrote:

>Since when did an Icon take 800k of space? Most icons I've seen take
>between 1k and 3k of space.
>On 10/9/05, Emanuele Aliberti <ea at iol.it> wrote:
>>Hi Gé,
>>first of all, thank you for your reports from the LW London and for
>>being there.
>>As, by design, ROS' goal is not disrupting the desktop experience users
>>had from MS Windows flavours, there should be probably
>>- Explorer
>>- (Network)
>>- IExplorer (or equivalent web explorer)
>>- Recycle bin

:Emanuele Aliberti

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