[ros-dev] LinuxWorld report

Robert Köpferl rob at koepferl.de
Sat Oct 8 02:39:41 CEST 2005

New release and me going away for a long voyage.

Thus said.
Last month, I had spare internet access, but now I am back in my 
hometown Munich (SYSTEMS approaching) with plenty of inet again.

However I'm gogin on a big voyage at 11.11.2005 so I *can* make another 
relase (maybe the mentioned 0.2.8) but after ^ I'm not capable to do any 
further releases for a unkonwn period. Or, at least I'd experience too 
big problems. Thus I would like to find a new release manager to replace 
mine -- at least temproary. ( :-/ )
Maybe this 028-release is a good example to teach one.
Anyone interested?

And: I still intend to improve and check-in a script to more-less 
automate the release process. Mine is currently a dangerous mix of 
win32-paths and bash scripting. I look forward to rewrite that in a real 
script language. I for my part like ruby, but you're welcome to convince 
me to use perl or python or merd or pike or brainfuck or whitespace or...

WaxDragon wrote:
>>Not a single kernel crash. We had to Tab-K to force a kernel
>>check to show the BSOD to a visitor. I say let's bring out r18189
>>(I think...) as 0.2.8 (j/k).
> That's wonderful to hear!  Well, if we follow the general 3 month per
> release "rule" we sometimes use, we will be due for a release in
> another month.  I would like to fork this one early if possible. ;0)
>>People were reacting very nicely. It was nice to see them
>>picking up a flyer rather uninterestedly, start to read, and
>>then suddenly turn back to watch the demo when they realized
>>what the project was all about.
> Awesome!
> WD
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> <arty> don't question it ... it's clearly an optimization
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