[ros-dev] ReactOS 0.3 and magazine deals

Murphy, Ged (Bolton) MurphyG at cmpbatteries.co.uk
Fri Oct 7 16:30:46 CEST 2005

Hi all,

As a result of Linux World UK this week, I have 2 popular Linux magazines,
Linux Format and Linux User, who are very interested in featuring us in the
near future.

Linux Format have featured us before, and would like to do a re-visited
write-up detailing how far the project has progressed since the last
feature, which was 0.2.5

Linux User seemed interested in doing something with one of our developers
who is a competent writer, for a full feature.

Both magazines would like to wait until the 0.3 release before doing their

I need to contact the editors with information and I'm guessing one of the
first questions which will be asked is 'when will the 0.3 release be out?'

GvG has said he wants to start up on networking, starting with getting
Firefox running
I will be doing as much as I can on the user mode side along with assisting
Gé in any way I can.
I know Alex has done a hell of a lot of work on the new WS2_32 and friends,
and WaxDragon's relentless testing is highlighting progressions and
regressions all the time.

So I suppose I have 2 questions here:
 - Can we consider setting a date to aim for the 0.3 release, so I have
something to give to the magazines? It doesn't have to be set in stone, just
an incentive to work towards.
 - Is anyone willing to get involved in relaying / writing information to
pass on to Linux User magazine?

Also, I think the requirements for the 0.3 release need to be reviewed. It
has some features listed that will hold back the release of 0.3 for no good


Lastly, can I coax anyone else into joining the ReactOS network movement ?

Thanks for listening :)

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