[ros-dev] State of the Repository October 6th 2005

Murphy, Ged (Bolton) MurphyG at cmpbatteries.co.uk
Fri Oct 7 11:04:17 CEST 2005

WaxDragon wrote:

> * ftp works, but still can't tell the difference between ascii and
> binary transfers.
> * ncftp has progressed and you can use it for uploads and downloads,
> the only issue I am aware of is you cannot backspace.
> * ping works
> * ipconfig is getting bad data from the OS, but works fine under windows.
> * finger works
> * route works, and had some cosmetic improvements
> * netstat fails loading snmpapi.dll
> * hostname returns the name you filled in second stage setup now. ;0)
> * arp does not work, missing some of the plumbing.
> * telnet works, and seems to buffer input properly.
> * tcpsvcs crashes upon start up, seems that AfdSelect is setting DPCs
> will NULL procs.

Just to add a quick note on the other network tool (which isn't on the

* tracert jumps straight to the destination node as we are not yet able to
set TTL values in raw packets, thus we get the default 128. This will be
fixed upon implementation of setsockopt().
We also get jibberish when resolving name info. This will be fixed when
WS2_32 has getnameinfo()
It works as expected in Windows.


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