[ros-dev] ReactOS UI Team - Concept, Plan, and: help wanted

Martin Fuchs fuchs.martin at gmail.com
Thu Oct 6 22:14:48 CEST 2005


> > So getting down to business. The UI team is recruiting two kinds of people.
> > Primarily: Programmers who have sufficient knowledge to hack other people's
> > code, even if said code is rooted deeply in system libraries. Skill in
> > writing user interfaces and piecing together dialog resources. No advanced
> > skills beyond that required. This is most important, since developers in
> > this category can get straight to business and get started on improving
> > ReactOS.
> Clearly outline the change desired, and file a enhancement bug on it,
> you can point people to it that may be interested, and you may have
> someone from another skill set implement it.  I think this is the best
> method possible.  Keep in mind that Martin Fuchs is the maintainer of
> explorer, so he may have a say on changes.  I would even recommend a
> branch.


> Come up with a list of things needed, and put them on the wiki. You
> never know who will help, but it needs to be publicly documented.

Yes, that's the best way: Write down what you intend to implement
exactly on the Wiki or in Bugzilla. I will help in explorer, winefile
and ibrowser as far as possible. But my available time is limited.
Branching the code is possible, if you want to change explorer
completely. But I would prefer to maintain only one code base. The
already existing "lean-explorer" branch may be enough.  ;-)



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