[ros-dev] ReactOS UI Team - Concept, Plan, and: help wanted

WaxDragon waxdragon at gmail.com
Thu Oct 6 21:45:02 CEST 2005

> -Recruiting-
> So getting down to business. The UI team is recruiting two kinds of people.
> Primarily: Programmers who have sufficient knowledge to hack other people's
> code, even if said code is rooted deeply in system libraries. Skill in
> writing user interfaces and piecing together dialog resources. No advanced
> skills beyond that required. This is most important, since developers in
> this category can get straight to business and get started on improving
> ReactOS.

Clearly outline the change desired, and file a enhancement bug on it,
you can point people to it that may be interested, and you may have
someone from another skill set implement it.  I think this is the best
method possible.  Keep in mind that Martin Fuchs is the maintainer of
explorer, so he may have a say on changes.  I would even recommend a

> Secondarily: Interface concept designers who have advanced knowledge of
> human interfacing, easy access, logical positioning, and the creativity to
> improve and expand on existing ideas. This is a secondary category because
> a) right now there is little to do in this respect, b) there are already two
> (counting Mikko?) of these people in ReactOS, and c) for every 1 concept
> designer, there can be up to 10 implementing developers.
> Even more appreciated, would be someone who fits both gloves and can write
> code AND design interfaces. Sadly, experience proves that these two traits
> don't usually come together in one person.
> And! Just as important, though not actively recruited, I welcome icon
> designers, graphic designers, font designers (that includes you, wierd_w!),
> sound effect samplers, and programmers willing to implement missing UI
> features (think of things such as extended cursor/icon support, alpha
> blitting, runtime freetype configuration, recycle bin functionality, control
> panel, autorun support, etc), on individual application (mail me at
> mf at mufunyo.net).

Come up with a list of things needed, and put them on the wiki. You
never know who will help, but it needs to be publicly documented.

> -Plan-
> The plan(tm) to kickstart the UI team is as follows:
> Our first goal will be to make the surface experience of ReactOS familiar.
> Surface in this context means the things a user will see during and after
> bootup. This mainly involves modifying explorer; to display a consistent and
> familiar start menu, and to show a friendly explorer when My Computer or the
> Explore link is opened. This means making all the surface icons consistent
> (my task), modifying explorer's interface (the 'programmer' category), and
> figuring out the best layout for the start menu (the 'designer' category).
> There is no plan past this first task, because I cannot predict how small or
> big the team is going to be, what feedback we are going to get, and how fast
> things will move.

You need to have a documented plan in an asynchronous environment,
such as this.  I'm learning this as the Testing Coordinator.

<arty> don't question it ... it's clearly an optimization

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