26 Jan 2015



Post-vacational resolutions (A.K.A. Present and future of my ReactOS contract)

Hello everyone!

You will have noticed the long delay since my last report, and may be wondering what has happened. I will try to explain.

The last report was published on the 24th, right before christmas eve, when my vacation started. I took my vacation so that I could rest, clear my head, and regain energy so that I could resume my work in January at full speed. Over the christmas days, I had time for resting, games, hobbies, and family, and this gave me a lot of time to think.

Some of the thoughts that surfaced during the season, was about the projects I had been putting off until after I was free from studying, and I realized that all my excuses were now spent. I finished my university degree back in September, and sharing a place with two friends while working in the RectOS project has allowed me to accumulate some savings.

This didn’t bother me at the time, but after christmas was over, and I sat in front of my computer with the shell code in front of me, and a list of issues in the other display. The first few days, I just blamed the inability to concentrate to having lost the routine, and I didn’t worry about it. The next week of barely having been able to achieve anything, I started to wonder what the problem could be, and finally at the beginning of this past week I pieced it together and realized why my motivation to work on the Shell had run out.

The thing is, I’m a both logical and creative. I love knowing how things work, any why they work that way, but I also love just as much (if not even more) to create new things, to take nothing, and make something out of it. And the current state of the shell is unable to maintain this need. Because my motivation is so low, I became certain that I have to take a break from the shell. Not from ReactOS itself, which I still love and want to see succeed, but I need to step away from the shell and let the stress and demotivation associated with it fade away.

This refreshed the realization I had during my vacation, that I have been neglecting those “life projects” for way too long. My initial thought was to drop everything, jump into these projects, and hope that I succeed before my savings run out. But that wouldn’t really feel right. I love ReactOS too much to disregard it and just leave, but I also want to see those other projects become a reality. So, why not do both?

Thus my idea, and what I discussed with Amine a few days ago, was to reduce my contract to part-time, where I will continue helping ReactOS achieve the goals of the Community Edition in other areas than the shell, and the rest of the day I will dedicate to my own needs.

I don’t know if I will succeed, if people will embrace my ideas, or ignore them, but I have to try, and now was the best chance for it. I believe I have chosen the best path, and I really hope that you all agree.

Thanks for your support, and see you again soon.

Discussion: https://reactos.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=13965

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