30 Aug 2014



Parsing the commands

Hello, Everyone!

I mentioned last week, that I had started looking at the DDE server support, and it would take a while.

What I forgot to mention, is that the deadline for handing over my final project at university is next Friday, and the defense for the project a couple weeks after that. Ideally, if me & the other guys working on the project had done everything on schedule, we’d just be finishing off the documentation and we’d be almost ready, but as projects go, it’s always when the deadline looms close that you remember everything you were supposed to have been doing.

What this means is that this report, and next week’s, are going to be very short ;P

Don’t worry though, I haven’t fully forgotten about ReactOS!

I try to spare a couple hours every day to work on the project, although my brain isn’t always up to the job. Currently, I’m working on a parser for the command line of explorer-new, and writing tests for it, not just to know what syntax it accepts (which is somewhat documented around the internet), but also what the behaviour when some special values are given to it.

When I’m done with the command line, I intend on writing another parser, this time for the DDE server commands. I suppose that one won’t take as long, since the syntax appears to be simpler and more straightforward.

When both are done and tested, we'll have achieved yet another milestone in the development of the shell, bringing it that much closer to being worthy of trunk, and the Community Edition.

See you next week!

Discussion: https://www.reactos.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=13599

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