22 Aug 2014



July 2014 Meeting Minutes

19:00 UTC
dev.reactos.org, #meeting


Meeting started at 19:01 by Aleksey Bragin.

  • Point 1: Developer Briefings
  • Point 2: Community Edition Update

Point 1

Aleksandar Andrejevic reported that he was unfortunately unable to make much progress with the memory manager and is reverting back to fixing issues with NTVDM. Aleksey Bragin noted that he still had some patches for ARWINSS that needed to be merged in. David Quintana reported that had implemented support for shell service objects and added a skeleton component that contains the system tray for things like volume control, battery icon, USB disconnection, and the like. Jerome Gardou worked on clipping issues in win32k, which resolved some issues with using the VMWare OpenGL driver when it came to moving windows and the like. Jerome also implemented PAGE_NOACCESS and PAGE_GUARD memory protections, features that Java 7 needed to run. Pierre Schweitzer held a talk about ReactOS at the Libre Software Meeting, which was well received. The talks were recorded so should be made available eventually. Thomas Faber fixed a few tests that were crashing or hanging and began working on getting Chrome running. Ziliang Guo reported that menu translations on the site had been done incorrectly and he would need to go through and fix them and write up a guide for the translation maintainers.

Point 2

Victor Martinez reported that he was working through the various things the Community Edition needed, including designs and coordinating with developers to begin work on the applications selected by backers. One of the known big challenges for application support is getting layered windows support, a feature used by quite a few programs. A candidate single board computer has also been forwarded to a developer for evaluation.

Ziliang reported that a basic design for the Hackbunnies has been agreed upon with the person making them and a prototype is currently being made. He also requested approval for his plan on introducing the bunnies in general to the community, which the others agreed with as several found the concept amusing. When other developers brought up the possibility of additional runs if the bunnies proved popular, Ziliang was fairly insistent that this would be the only run of Hackbunny plushies in the short term, since the project does not have the warehousing available to do the plushies in the volumes needed to drive down costs to permit general sales and the current per unit costs were far too high for that as they were being handmade.

Addendum: Since the meeting the prototype bunny has been completed and reviewed. The rest of the production run has been authorized.

Meeting was closed at 20:45 by Aleksey Bragin

Meeting minutes prepared by Ziliang Guo

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