09 Jul 2014



June 2014 Meeting Minutes

Due to scheduling conflicts (World Cup) the June meeting was moved to July 3rd.
19:00 UTC
dev.reactos.org, #meeting


Meeting started at 19:22 by Aleksey Bragin.

  • Point 1: Developer Briefings
  • Point 2: Development Focus

Point 1

Developers went over brief summaries of their current work and their intended plans. Aleksandar Andrejevic has been working on the memory manager and intends to complete the transition from using the old MEMORY_AREA to virtual address descriptors. Colin Finck brought up attendance at the Kieler Linux Tage convention coming up in September and asked for volunteers. Colin also notified the team that the German foundation was now holding meetings in English with additional minutes provided at their site, along with a translation of the charter into English. David Quintana has continued his work on the shell and mentioned that he would begin soliciting more public feedback so that issues he may have not noticed or forgotten are brought to the fore. Hermes Belusca Maito has been working on proper shutdown support, which will require work on multiple components including winsrv, winlogon, and win32k. Pierre Schweitzer has been working on infrastructure and liaising with other open source projects that the team uses and intends to resume work on the rename and copying support when time permits. He also presented ReactOS at Libre Software Meeting in France. Sylvain Petreolle has been working on the IRC bot and intends to look through JIRA reports to try to at least respond to them.

Point 2

A major discussion occurred about the difficulties of properly promoting ReactOS. Several people emphasized that without a stable core, showing ReactOS off is difficult due to the likelihood of crashes. Others were of the position that unless ReactOS was shown off, getting people involved in fixing the sources of the crashes would be difficult. Both sides agreed that finding the right people to approach is especially difficult since too many people take a short term, does it work NOW view towards the project. This attitude was regarded with some frustration as the infrastructure that has been built up to allow development of ReactOS is one of the easiest to use around, especially building a booting image requires only three commands if ignoring directory traversal commands. There was also general agreement that developers should pay more attention to bug reports about ReactOS crashing or being rendered unbootable after a crash. Jerome Gardou created a query that lists all such bugs here. Discussion went back and forth about what consitituted a "stable core" as due to interdependencies there is no such thing as fixing a single module that would then suddenly make the system more reliable.

Meeting was closed at 20:59 by Aleksey Bragin

Meeting minutes prepared by Ziliang Guo

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