The ReactOS Project is seeking qualified individuals to fill developer positions. Contracted full time, part time, and scholarship (internship) level positions are all available.

Interested developers and students should see our qualification section, and once fulfilled (especially the high quality patches part) submit a CV and academic transcript as applicable to along with a cover letter indicating which position is being applied for and why you feel you are suited for the position.


You will need to be proficient in C with C++ proficiency being a major plus. C++ proficiency does not equate C proficiency so do not assume you have the latter if you have the former.

Also keep in mind, again, that these are the minimum requirements. On top of these you need to be a good problem solver, believe in the mission of ReactOS, and most importantly, be able to demonstrate that you can work with the ReactOS codebase via a few patches.

Formalities aside, you do need to prove yourself above and beyond the minimum requirements if you want to be considered for a position. Basically the project will require a demonstration that you know what you're doing. Having accepted patches is pretty much mandatory, since it shows that you've at least figured out how to compile and test an operating system.

If you do qualify for a position, you'll be joining the very small and exclusive ranks of people who know how to do NT systems development. And believe us, those ranks are very, very small. And yes, you do need to be that good if you want to join those ranks.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us at and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible.