31 Jan 2014



Contributions: TeamSpeaker!



After opening the totally unofficial, irrelevant, NôÓbsletter section, now it's time to open a new serious section oriented and opened to the Community. Because, as you may know, an opensource project has sense thanks because its supporting Community behind it.

Welcome to this awesome, yours, "Contribution" section.

From time to time astonishing content is created by the Community and shared through IRC or Forum. It's a pity that such content keeps moving just in the inner circle. It's time to promote it to the World!To the Website Frontpage!

A couple weeks ago (health issues are still streaking me,sorry), Wojo664 shared a new video showing TeamSpeak 2 working in ReactOS.

This is in an awesome achievement because it means that Firefox, TeamSpeak client and TeamSpeak server must work as a whole. Sadly the "Lack of ability to test mic input on VBOX" doesn't let us to "hear" anything, but...ey...we're closer! Thanks to the latests fixes, several apps have begun working so don't miss the opportunity to check out the daily builds.




Thanks Wojo664 for sharing it! Keep them coming!!

I will keep lurking through all that amount of awesome content you make, but if you want me to propose pictures/videos/whatever, just contact me through Private Messages in the ReactOS Forum or at #reactos-pr #reactos IRC channel.

Let's show how ReactOS rocks-&-rolls!


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