GSoC 2019 - Developer Web Interface for ReactOS (Final Report)

Introduction Developer Web Interface for ReactOS is a web tool to support the development of ReactOS. The main goal of this project is to develop a platform for ReactOS developers to easily track Commits, Builds and Test details. The web Interface makes API calls to various endpoints of GitHub, BuildBot and Testman API and interrelates them and renders a simplified view of Commit, Build and Test details at one place, so developers don't have to visit different sites to view different details, our web Interface collects all details and displays at one place.

GSoC 2019 - Developer Web Interface for ReactOS (Week 3 & 4)

Hello Everyone !! Until week 2 we made API calls to the Branches and Commits Endpoint of the GitHub API and rendered it. So at the end of week 2, we were able to fetch Top 5 commits from any of the branches as required. Week 3 UI Improvement Till week 2 we just had a simple table showing a few very basic information about the commits. So we designed a collapsible Panel which can contain all information required from the API.

Inside ReactOS Deutschland e.V. - Annual Report 2018

The Annual Report 2018 of ReactOS Deutschland e.V., the non-profit organization supporting the ReactOS Project, has just been finished. In the past, these reports have exclusively been published on the ReactOS Deutschland e.V. subsite, but only got little attention there. Hence, the latest report is now released on the main ReactOS website. In our quest for transparency, we hope that the report offers an insight into the foundation's activities in 2018 and the plans for 2019.

GSoC 2019 - RAPPS

Introduction Hello everyone, This is Akshay Patil, 3rd-year B.E CS student from VIIT Pune, lately working on RAPPS. The Google Summer of code, abbreviated as GSoC is an annual program in which Google pairs University Students to work with open source organizations and then awards stipends to students who are able to meet project milestones. This Summer I am working with ReactOS to improve RAPPS. ReactOS is a free and open-sourced operating system based on the Windows NT architecture, providing support for existing applications and drivers, and an alternative to the current dominant consumer operating system.

GSoC 2019 - File Search (Update 1)

Introduction Hello, My name is Brock Mammen and I am a student for Google Summer of Code 2019. This is my second year as a GSoC student, but it is my first year contributing to ReactOS. My project is to create a search extension for the ReactOS shell. I am excited to learn more about how the shell works and how to use ATL and COM to create user interfaces.

GSoC 2019 - Developer Web Interface for ReactOS (Community Bonding and week 1,2)

Introduction Hey Everyone, I'm Ayush Kumar Sinha, A 2nd Year CS undergraduate from VIT Vellore, India and a GSoC student this year under ReactOS : ) How I got to know about the project While scrolling through the list of accepted Orgs of 2018 (with filters like web, C++, javascript)I bumped into ReactOS. Hey!! they are building Windows-like OS from scratch, Sounds cool :). But the project ideas look quite hard with my existing C/C++ skills.

New Discussion Platform

After decades on IRC and around 3 months of internal testing, the ReactOS Project has officially switched to a self-hosted Mattermost server as its main discussion platform. Mattermost is a modern open-source solution for team communication, eliminating many of the limits of IRC: Ever missed an opportunity to contact a person, because that person wasn't on IRC at the same time as yourself? Ever thought "A picture is worth a thousand words", but were too lazy to look up an image hosting service, publish your image there, and then post a link to IRC?

February 2019 meeting minutes

2019-02-28 19:00 UTC Mattermost meeting channel Proceedings Meeting started at 19:01 by Colin Finck. Point 1: Status Reports Point 2: Final decision on Mattermost Point 3: Google Summer of Code 2019 Point 4: 0.4.11 Point 5: Chemnitzer Linux-Tage 2019 Point 1: Status Reports Alexander Rechitskiy tried to get the source code of a network card driver from Intel, but got the response that they can't provide an open source license for it.

ReactOS 0.4.11 released

The ReactOS team is pleased to announce the release of version 0.4.11. This version has seen substantial work done to the kernel, helping improve overall system stability. Kernel Improvements While the term kernel is used as a sort of catch-all term, in truth the range of functionality that it encapsulates is quite wide. One case in point is the kernel’s responsibility for managing file I/O. A mistake here can cause subtle data corruption to more obvious hard crashes.

ReactOS participating in Google Summer of Code 2019

The ReactOS Project is proud to announce its participation in Google Summer of Code 2019. The Summer of Code program offers students interested in operating systems the unique opportunity to dive into ReactOS development over the course of 3 months and get paid by Google for completed tasks. ReactOS has successfully participated in Summer of Code multiple times in the past. Completed projects include better filesystem support, an improved Application Manager, and a more stable network stack - just to name a few.