07 Feb 2013



January 2013 Meeting Minutes

19:00 UTC
dev.reactos.org, #meeting


Meeting started at 19:18 by Aleksey Bragin.

  • Point 0: CLT2013
  • Point 1: Donation Campaign and Contract Status
  • Point 2: Website
  • Point 3: University Cooperation
  • Point 4: UDF Support

Point 0

Daniel Reimer called for volunteers to attend this year's CLT2013 convention. Several of the German members are tentatively able to come, but Daniel wanted a bit more buffering and manpower present to better deal with more people coming. Aleksey Bragin asked Daniel to look into possible hotel accommodations while several other contributors mentioned that they would look into coming as well.

Point 1

Late last year the German foundation learned that the contracts it was issuing for developers might not be compliant with German regulations involving non-profits. Due to this, the German foundation needed to temporarily halt payment to developers and consult with tax attorneys to determine how to proceed in a compliant manner. Matthias Kupfer reported that the best course for future development would be to issue scholarships, though there will be some further consultation with lawyers before the foundation resumes funding development, as the German members of the foundation are personally liable if the foundation is found to be non-compliant. Colin Finck also explained that open source development was still something German law did not account for very well and many open source organizations needed to get creative to fit within existing law. The German ReactOS foundation is also working with other German foundations to try and remedy this for the long term, but at present the German foundation needs to work within the existing legal framework.

Another point raised was perhaps to remove the year from the donation banner on the main site, as several developers and contributors felt it to be misleading. The campaign was pointed out to be run for however long it takes to raise the necessary money to fund development, and not raising all of the money in one year was not considered problematic.

Point 2

Efforts on the typo3 conversion stalled due to a lack of time on Danny Gotte's part and due to a desire to bring up a new site as quickly as possible, Aleksey set up a drupal test site. Aleksey reported that his test drupal site was working well, with mostly a few extra features and content missing. Victor Martinez pushed heavily for some kind of blogging functionality to also be incorporated, though Aleksey wanted assurances that it would actually be used before he put in the effort to add it. A vote was called to use the drupal based site as the new ReactOS site, which passed with no opposition. Colin raised concerns regarding some of the social media buttons like Facebook's like being used on the ReactOS site. As countries like Germany have considerably stricter privacy laws, the project needs to be careful about third party services. A two-click button alternative was presented, one that many German sites had adopted.

Point 3

Aleksey Bragin reported that starting in February he would be a lecturer at the Moscow State Technical University teaching the operating system course. He reported that he intends to try and incorporate ReactOS into the lab work so that students would have the opportunity to work on an actual operating system. He also intends to translate and upload the slides he will use for class for others to see.

Point 4

Alexander Rechitskiy proposed that the project adopt UDF as the primary OS filesystem. Alexander presented a series of arguments of what he felt were UDF's strengths, including the near universal support for it, along with why he felt it would be suitable for ReactOS to use as the primary filesystem. This was met with skepticism by several people, with Ziliang Guo and Colin Finck asking for proof of UDF's suitability as an OS filesystem, as UDF was originally developed for use with optical media like DVDs. Other developers pointed out the problematic state of ReactOS' filesystem infrastructure in general and the fact that fixing it up would allow use of other filesystems such as ext2/3. While there was general agreement that a UDF driver will eventually be needed to read DVDs and the like, several developers wanted proof that UDF could be used as a primary partition and also more evidence that such a configuration is desirable in the first place. The general conclusion was that more effort was first needed to fix up the OS' filesystem infrastructure first before there was any point in further discussing UDF's suitability.

Meeting was closed at 22:14 by Aleksey Bragin.

Minutes prepared by Ziliang Guo.

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