21 avr 2006



ReactOS Compatibility Database (beta status)

ReactOS Compatibility Database (beta status)

The ReactOS Compatibility Database has reached beta status.
URL: http://www.reactos.org/support/
The compatibility database has been designed to store application and driver data. Simply click on one of the 5 green start buttons on the frontpage to begin to browse through the database. To submit an application/driver, click on "Submit Application" (menu bar).
Please have a look at the help and faq section for more information.
The goal of the whole compatibility database is to provide one single unified place where a lot of compatibility data can be found.
This has several advantages:

  • For user it is easy to find out which software does already work in ReactOS and how good it work.
  • Everyone (with a myReactOS account) can submit applications/drivers, additional information, vendor data, compatbility test reports, screenshots and post "compatibility forum" entries. In the last few months, several people asked how they could help in the ReactOS project. Now there is a way for people who don't know programming languages, etc., they can now submit their testing results to one place, the compatibility database. Note, in the compatibility database there is a link to the bugzilla related page.
  • From now on it will be easier for developers to check regression data, etc.

There might be some glitches and bugs, if you find some please post a bugzilla bug entry, write a forum entry or write a reply here (mailing list).
If someone has suggestions and/or ideas how to improve the compatibility database please write a reply, thx.

Klemens Friedl

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