Bugs in Reactos - some statistics

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Bugs in Reactos - some statistics

Post by upstreamtime »


Newbie post- I hope I'm in the right forum, I've enjoyed following the progress of Reactos for some time, in particular, the newsletters and b4dc0d3r's Activity Summaries.

While there has been a good deal of progress lately in developing new features for Reactos, Gabrielilardi raised concerns about the amount of bugs in the system and the lack of fixes forthcoming.

In an email in mid April he specifically highlighted regressions and bugs relating to usability for general users.
http://www.reactos.org/archives/public/ ... 13047.html

Fireball announced that the truck would be closed to all new developments until many of these bugs were addressed.
88 bugs were mentioned in this email, 37 of these are now closed and they are listed at the end of the post.
From Gabrielilardi's email a wiki was developed.
Some more bugs have been added to this list and there are currently 74 open bugs on this list.

4 of these are blockers for the forthcoming 0.3.12 release.
Many bugs on this list have a target milestone of the 0.4 release.
Perhaps a further bug fixing period before 0.4 will yield similar success.

Many other bugs not on this list were also fixed during this period, and the numbers of closed bugs per month this year is as follows
January 66 bugs fixed
February 31 bugs fixed
March 35 bugs fixed
April 95 bugs fixed
May 137 bugs fixed
June 14 bugs fixed so far
The rise in the number of bugs fixed since mid April clearly shows what can be achieved when people turn their attention to fixing them.
Is a bugfixing period like this normal practice between releases?

Overall there are currently 669 live bugs in the system, including 23 regressions.
Well done to all who contributed to a more user friendly and more stable Reactos.


List of bugs from Gabrielilardi's original email that are now closed
642 Hotkeys not supported.
969 Minimized windows are shown on desktop
1603 can't exit rename state
2073 ReactOS does not work on VGA display
2320 Clock does not show completely
2393 Firefox: You need to move the mouse to download
2482 Environment variable %TEMP% is diffferent between english and translated versions
2972 Wrong profiles path
2978 Regedit find function doesn't work
3171 Focus doesn't change back to parent window
3317 can't change keyboard layout through Regional Options.
3727 Regression: roscalc problems with keyboard input etc.
3966 can't hit enter on a selected item to open it
4008 ProgramFiles environment variable is not set
4066 PATCH: Notepad uses two different fonts
4102 missing environment variable APPDATA
4192 Video mode changes back to VBE after 2nd stage
4289 all users' desktop folder content not being displayed on the desktop
4354 Videoprt ASSERT at 3rd stage startup when installing Voodoo 3 drivers
4368 Usetup does not convert partition type to "FAT" correctly
4379 Regression: Hovering mouse spoils text in start menu
4383 Can't delete many items from Desktop at once using the mouse
4461 Regression: Notepad Lite
4568 Regression: Startup Folder stopped working.
4676 Unable to restore down a maximised window
4677 Regression: Can't restore minimized windows
4779 K-Meleon popup menus dont work
4835 Regression: Memory usage continuously decreases in task manager even though memory usage doesn't change
4915 Control panel: Keyboard doesn't work after opening and closing an applet
4926 Regression: Tworld and DosBox don't work
4948 [Regression] Can't close locale settings dialog on 2nd stage of setup
4951 [Regression] 'whois' hangs
4960 ReactOS restarts at the beginning of 2nd stage if you hit ESC
5030 Changing color depth resets the wallpaper to none
5066 PATCH : Incorrect sending of mouse messages
5276 Regression: shell about dialog doesn't display header bitmap
5294 Regression: Device manager list is empty
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Re: Bugs in Reactos - some statistics

Post by Haos »

That is a piece of very fine job sir! I can only applaud and hope for regular inputs from you!
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Re: Bugs in Reactos - some statistics

Post by gabrielilardi »

Good job, keep it up! ;)
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Re: Bugs in Reactos - some statistics

Post by anyedge »

Phenomenal job everyone!! I can't explain how much I wish I could code. I would love to help get ReactOS out the door faster. Great job!
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Re: Bugs in Reactos - some statistics

Post by florian »

upstreamtime wrote:Hi,

Many other bugs not on this list were also fixed during this period, and the numbers of closed bugs per month this year is as follows [...]

Is a bugfixing period like this normal practice between releases?
His interesting question has still to be answered.Thanking you in anticipation.
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Re: Bugs in Reactos - some statistics

Post by livestrong2109 »

We will often see a run up in bug fixes leading up to a release, especially when trunk is locked. it seems though that this time around an outstanding amount of work has been done in a relatively short amount of time. It's a strong testament to the strength of the project moving forward, and a needed continuance if we are to keep in step with MS developers.

Great job to the whole RoS Team, great job

Also thanks to "upstreamtime" few take the time to read and research quite the way you have demonstrated. You have a great deal to contribute. My advice is since the bug fixes seem to interest you, keep up and test new build and help us prevent revisions as we continue to replace hacked code.
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