Useable ReactOS?

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Useable ReactOS?

Post by t0mek »

I found out about ReactOS yesterday. I tried the LiveCD and QEmu version.
It must say it's a great project, but currenctly is seems unusable...
It think it would be great to find new developers. To find new developers we need to make ReactOS more popular. To make it more popular maybe we should just make is usable?
What do I mean by "usable"?
Well, I know there is a lot of Win functions that have to be implemented, but maybe we could just focus on making it ready for everyday (limited) use right now? Like:
- improve stability
- make a list of win programs which already works under ReactOS
- implement drag&drop- no drag&drop is really a pain in the ass
- find/write all the programs which are needed for everyday use, the "essentials" like web browser, text editor, image viewer/editor, unzipper... For example Opera does not work, Firefox has weird letters (inproper spacing) and One By Something browser does not suppoer HTML 4/XHTML/CSS, but a webbrowser is a must nowadays.

So that people could start *using* ReactOS with limited set of programs not just *test* ReactOS. This could impact more people. And more people know about ReactOs-> more people will help develop it.

Plus maybe we start making some promo materials? Like make a high-res picture with ReactOS logo + slogan ready for printing on a T-Shirt?
I could try to make such a picture, if anyone thinks it's a good idea.
Maybe we could add some google advertisements on this site, so some money could be made. The money could be used to paid for advertisements or developers hard work.

I just know the project is 11 years old and I don't really want to wait next 11 years for a usable version.

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Re: Useable ReactOS?

Post by Pesho »

You're not really saying anything new. It's just that making ROS ready for everyday use is such a monstrous feat to accomplish... There already is a list of programs that run on ROS you can get through the Download app like Firefox 1.5 or Winamp (you'd be lucky to get sound working though...). So please be patient, as the devs are doing their best. If you know someone who can help though, please spread the word;) Version 0.4 is on the horizon (probably beginning of 2010, nobody knows yet), so hopefully it will make ROS more usable and thus interesting enough for new devs to join the project.

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Post by hto »

If you want to see usable reactos sooner, please help. Non-programmers can help, too.

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Re: Useable ReactOS?

Post by t0mek »

Yeah, I want to help and I am a programmer, just not C/C++/Assembler...
What's the best way to help the project? Something which is not here ?

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Re: Useable ReactOS?

Post by Haos »

Its not that simple as it looks. Every of that seemingly basic functionalities you listed, is mostly undermined by lacking internal foundations and those are not quite easy to fill in/fix, often requiring specialist knowledge. As they say in UK, every little helps.

So if you want to, start helping us. If you are here only to consume a ready product, expect a few more years to wait.

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Re: Useable ReactOS?

Post by florian »

Hi tOmek, in order to help and to ask in which way you could do that - I would ask our developers.

Ask them via ICQ or via the developers mailing list. Both links you can find here.

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