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VB Classic Runtimes

Post by 10e12 » Mon Jul 13, 2009 4:21 am

Hi all and finally I found my way in here.

My question regarding development is not an issue of developing for ReactOS as O/S level but in reference to building my GUI apps for my clients whom may chose ReactOS over Windows.

What I would like to know is very simply, being that I write much in VB 5/6 (Classic as some call it) I need the runtimes and libraries to work on the OS deployed.

I am therefore wondering, before going through any lengthy testing and installation, which I assume may have been done already...

"Is it possible to install and run VB5 and 6 Runtimes on ReactOS?"

It would surely save me a bundle of time to porting my apps to some other language so I can keep using my well over 100'000 lines of snippets accumulated over the years.

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Re: VB Classic Runtimes

Post by Z98 » Mon Jul 13, 2009 4:52 am

The intent is it should be possible. Whether it is right now is questionable.

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Re: VB Classic Runtimes

Post by bugboy » Mon Jul 13, 2009 10:00 am

Ive installed both vb5 and vb6 runtimes in ROS with no problems since rev 0.3.8
However applications linked to these runtimes may or may not work.
I think the more complicated the app the less chance of it working. You will have to tests your applications to see.
One known issue is vb's edit control. Clipboard operations do not work correctly currently due to wines implementation of the edit class window.
Its been fixed before but our syncing with wine breaks it. Ill eventually get around to making wine devs happy and write test cases to prove the bug exist so they will accept the patch.
IIRC, the vb ide itself currently doesnt install due to some missing things in registry api.
I would be interested in hearing about applications that linked to the runtime that dont work, so that i may start tracking down and fixing.
If you do take time to test please report bugs to bugzilla.


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Re: VB Classic Runtimes

Post by 10e12 » Fri Jul 17, 2009 9:11 am

Thanks a million for the replies.
This gives me some hope on continued legacy development in VB Classic too.

When I get a new scrap machine I'll install ROS on it and run a few tests.
I use Win32 API extensively in my VB apps so it will likely be a lots of work patching much of it, but where ROS is missing something I could potentially write my own API patches to ensure my applications will do what they are intended to do anyway.

Since I don't write ASM or C yet I think my contributions will be limited on source but I can surely make sure you get some feedback on my tests.
After all, it would probably be good to capture the 6 million VB developers out there who are not switching to VB.NET after all, my self included.

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