Hyper-V success (limited)

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Hyper-V success (limited)

Post by user312 »

I've been following ReactOS progress for several years, but never had any real success installing in a virtual environment (Virtual PC, VMWare, VIrtualBox, etc) until now. I went ahead and downloaded the latest trunk build (bootcd-38873-rel) and got a somewhat successful install using a Hyper-V install. Specs as follows:

Win2008 server
Asus P5Q-E
Intel Q6600 overclocked to 3.4GHz
ASUS EAH-3650 Video card

ReactOS trunk build 38873
4GB fixed HDD
no NIC

System actually completes the installation progress (although it is incredibly slow to respond to mouse clicks once the GUI comes up). After installation completes and reboots, the default shell loads but is completely unresponsive. As a test I added a legacy network card through Hyper-V and ReactOS detected new hardware after restarting. I was able to respond to the device installation wizard using the keyboard (mouse input doesn't seem to work once the shell comes up), but, as expected, there was no driver support for the emulated NIC. I am also able to bring up the task manager by doing a CTRL-ALT-DEL on the system so I can run individual applications (eg. calc is one I've tested so far - keyboard input pushes buttons "in" but doesn't actually input any numbers). Of course, since mouse input doesn't work at all (clicking doesn't work - if a menu is brought up using the ALT key the mouse can scroll the highlighting, but I can't click on anything) it makes testing a little more difficult (e.g. there doesn't seem to be any way to close the calculator without using a mouse? ALT-F4 doesn't seem to work and there's no "Exit" option in the drop down menus). I can also run Explorer in both MDI and SDI mode, but haven't tested much else yet.

End result is I'm happy to see some meaningful progress on the core! Keep up the good work and hopefully theres plenty more to come!
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Re: Hyper-V success (limited)

Post by user312 »

Actually, I just thought about the mouse issues I am having (no clicking available) and decided to test the shell again in full screen mode (allows system keyboard commands to pass through to the virtualized machine) and it seems to be functional after all.

The mouse also works although not 100% - simply hammering on the mouse button will eventually result in a successful click. I've tried changing the Double-click speed in the Mouse properties (driver version with no real success. Any other suggestions for the mouse? If I can get it working properly I'll start testing various applications.
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Re: Hyper-V success (limited)

Post by Lone_Rifle »

The mouse driver does have a bug in it...... The issue itself seems to have been de-prioritised in favour of other more important things, but if you want to try your hand at it, the related bugzilla reports are:

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Re: Hyper-V success (limited)

Post by hypercube33 »

Odd, I was thinking about doing this myself, since I'm throwing up a H-v server up soon.

FYI windows treats the mouse as priority uno over ANYTHING, why when your system locks up your mouse happily keeps working.
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Re: Hyper-V success (limited)

Post by Smiley »

Lone_Rifle wrote:The mouse driver does have a bug in it...... The issue itself seems to have been de-prioritised in favour of other more important things
That's not true
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Re: Hyper-V success (limited)

Post by Haos »


It just happens that mouse fails to work properly in certain environments?
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Re: Hyper-V success (limited)

Post by PurpleGurl »

One of the mouse issues is that Reactos defaults to the slowest mouse movement. I noticed in LiveCD that it was set to slowest, but I couldn't change it. I figured maybe it needed to write to the registry and couldn't do so since it was on unwritable medium.
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Re: Hyper-V success (limited)

Post by vicmarcal »

Mouse was bugged under VirtualPC, now ReactOS just refuses to be installed in VirtualPC.
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