Perfect "like-windows" OS

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Perfect "like-windows" OS

Post by nylan »

Nice blue screen ^^

[ external image ]

It's just a taunt, don't matter, and good luck :wink:
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Post by SdC »

Thank you for your detailled test report. We will analyze this problem and when a fix has been implemented you will receive a free copy of ReacOS Ultimate Edition. Your opinion matters to us. :roll:
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Post by Mrkaras »

I thought this one was better
[ external image ] (this is quite an old screenshot)
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Re: Perfect "like-windows" OS

Post by RaptorEmperor »

Does ReactOS still have the goofy shutdown messages and stuff? That was kind of entertaining in the older versions. :lol:
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Re: Perfect "like-windows" OS

Post by z180 »

ReactOS has still the entertaining shutdown messages and will not drop them.
They help you remember to shutdown the PC and tank up yourself.
Someone should write a list of current improvements to Windows so that we can point you there.
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