Question on free look aside list

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Question on free look aside list

Post by brwilson »

In reading through some code on the ReactOS I have a question on the ObpFreeCapturedAttributes funtion found in the ntoskrnl\include\internal\ob_x.h file. In this funtion you check to see if it will go past the depth for the P entry. If so you switch to the L entry of the look aside list for that type. If the entry will go past the depth for the L entry it freed with the free method for that type of look aside list. Yet if it does not go past the depth the buffer is never pushed on the look aside list. Should there not be an else condition like:
/* The free was within the Depth */

Or did I miss read the function?

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Post by Z98 »

I'd say you might have found something. There's been a memory bug that's annoying the crap out of one of our testers and this might be related. Hopefully it is. I'll try to get one of the developers to look at what you're referring to.

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Post by fireball »

A fix committed in 32521, thanks for information!
Aleksey Bragin,
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