network not working,help me!

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network not working,help me!

Post by g_cmin »

Who can tell me how to config reactos network in Qemu?
The hostos is windows xp.

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Re: network not working,help me!

Post by Gasmann »

g_cmin wrote:The hostos is windows xp.
It doesn't seem to be working in qemu for windows.
I think it's because qemu for windows is still alpha.
Read here.

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Networking is working in QEMU for Windows

Post by Jaix »

Hello, it's pretty simple to get the network going in Qemu too, but the "user-mode" networking only allows for outgoing requests, not for incoming, there is another one though it's called "tap-device" I havn't been able to get that one to work yet but it is supposed to.

The only thing I have to do when I have installed ROS-QEMU for windows is change the ip for the NE20001-Parameters-Tcpip:
and Tcpip-Parameters:
NameServer: To your local or WAN DNS-server

The ip number is usually not in my network, I have as Gateway, but the usermode networking giver these numbers, just to accept. If it doesn't work, install win98 on a new image and configure it to recieve ip from dhcp and check that this is working, then use the same in ROS, that works.

I will update the Wiki with some pictures...

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