Should I "hide" NTFS partitions? + What about LILO

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Should I "hide" NTFS partitions? + What about LILO

Post by steveh »

I have now tested the 0.2.6 LiveCD and i'm positively surprised: :D This version no longer hangs because of my primary partition definitions:
hda1 = ntfs
hda2 = fat32
hda3 = ntfs

So i can hope that the ISO CD installer 0.2.6 will also work. But should i set all NTFS partitions, not only hda1 and hda3, but also any logical NTFS partition on hda and hdb, to "hidden", to protect them againts corruption,
because several postings in these forums warn intensively against installing Reactos on a productive system, ntfs support being in a very early stage and "dangerous"? :?:

hda2 contains win98. Should i set it active, and Reactos 0.2.6 installs parallel on that partition?

Other question:
my MBR is LILO, for multiboot (Linux included) and for setting the unhidden/hidden + active partitions. Is Reactos installer compatible with LILO, and leaves it intact, or can "freeldr" setup interfere with and destroy LILO?

In fact i must install on my newest computer, because the old one cannot boot at all of a CDROM, and several workarounds didn't help (but that's another endless story... :( )
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Post by GvG »

ReactOS recognizes the partitions as NTFS partitions, but doesn't have the filesystem support to actually work with them. So, your NTFS partitions should be quite safe, ReactOS will not touch them. Just don't sue me if there's a bug though....
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