Is there a Usb driver?

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Is there a Usb driver?

Post by jeremyk »

Does react os have a usb driver yet?

If not is there some one working on it?

If theres can I help if there is not I want to try to make it.

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Driver USB for NT

Post by Falcao »

In a Forun about NT I found that: works for NT 4.0.
I tried and it is true.
But, you have to test if it works in ReactOS

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Post by tappak »

Fireball working on it. You can find him in irc.

Dr. Fred
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Post by Dr. Fred »

You can find some USB infos on the wiki.
Drivers from Linux (Cromwell actually) are ported to ReactOS, and OHCI host controller driver is now working fine. However no class drivers has been developed yet, so no usb devices work right now. Next release (0.3.0) will have support for USB keyboards and mice, and also quite more popular UHCI controller. (Aleksey Bragin)

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Here is a kind of USB blogg

Post by Jaix »

If you want to see more info about the USB for ReactOS you could look at:
Here you can find a lot of information about what is build already and how it is soposed to work.

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