Drivers for R.O.S.

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Drivers for R.O.S.

Post by iD4rK »

I was checking your driver download section.

Why make drivers for via and not for nVIDIA, those chipsets and graphic boards are the most used. Creative Audio Cards and other "known" or "most buyed" hardware drivers.


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Post by Haos »

We will not make any drivers for ROS apart from generic ones. I dont know of which driver you are talking, could you provide link please?

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Post by dreams »

We have a driver download section? Anyway, Linux developers have been trying to reverse-engineer an NVIDIA driver for years now and it still is FAR from stable and complete.

ReactOS supplies standaard VGA and VESA drivers because they are open standards.

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Post by Z98 »

Besides, why go through all that effort when eventually you can just use the drivers NVidia provides for Windows?

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Post by etko »

Because I am stuck to OpenGL 1.5 + EXTs with my 3 monitors as crappy nV driver doesn't support OpenGL 2 on GF6200 and two old Riva's TNT at the same time?

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Post by GreatLord »

I am working on updating mesa3d icd interface
when it works fine. I maybe will try update the dx back end. so it support opengl 2.1

that mean all graphic card will support 2.1 opengl over dx when that happen. I can not promies anything about that. but it is posible

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Post by Hyun-min Lee »

Oh. god...

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