Games like Warcraft II BNE...

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Games like Warcraft II BNE...

Post by nute »

It works best in Windows 2000 and Windows XP running natively. Obviously, Linux
fans don't want to run Microsoft Windows in a lot of cases. Unfortunately, the
freecraft project fell apart and wargus doesn't support edition.

I don't have the original dos version, not as nice as the newer version.

VMware is slow and it costs a bundle for a licensed version.


How long will it be before ReactOS can support Warcraft II BNE?

I realize it is in alpha state right now, but is this something that ReactOS is
going to support at some point?

Windows XP activation is a pain in the neck. Windows 2000 has major date problems.
Windows XP is going to lose support probably in a few years. I hope ReactOS stabilizes
soon. Vista's departure from what Windows has been is a real opportunity for ReactOS
to become very popular.
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Post by Apal »

I think you'll wait long enough to see this.
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Post by returnofnights »

I'd say check back in 12 months and see how things are going. Been watching ReactOS develope for the last 6 years and although they have improved it heaps. . Game play is low on their list of to do (stable+complete). it already can run games in Software rendering but without ReactX (DirectX clone) your game play will be less than poor.
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Post by Trivalik »

Windows 2000 has major date problems.
In Warcraft II only or in all applications?
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Post by Nmn »

Sorry if bumping this is a bit of a stretch, but Starcraft and Warcraft II BNE work great in Wine and i believe as long as there is DirectDraw support it should work (DirectSound may cause it to not work, not sure.). If not now for sure when ReactX is running decently you'll be able to play older games.
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Post by shevegen »

Actually, all the blizzard games I have tested so far work very very good in Wine.

At times even faster than on "native" Windows! :)
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Post by Wierd »

This is not surprising, considering that they use these games as test cases for their directdraw implementation.

IIRC, the way WINE is developed is:

X application needs XXX feature, and makes a call XXX way-- so we implement it as such...

As opposed to the Reactos manner, which is:

XXX feature is defined by the MSDN documentation as behaving using XXX methods and parameters, and needs to be implemented as such.

Basically, Warcraft, Starcraft, and friends work nicely under WINE, because they were a test application used in the development of their directdraw libraries, and said libraries were tailored for same said applications. :P
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Post by Nmn »

Yes and no. Obviously WINE has no exact standard, and originally it was made using specs. Now it is mostly fueled by bug fixing, cleanups and implementations.

ReactOS? Sure they work towards some applications. Developers from ReactOS worked restlessly on getting Firefox and smb-tng working. I walked in on the IRC channel during it once.
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