[Question]To begin my journey, spotted build bug.

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[Question]To begin my journey, spotted build bug.

Post by returnofnights »

After I used RosBE - make and got the compiled files. . which was cool.

I then went to step to and tried make install and it failed on lake.bmp

I hunted around for the build problem and noticed the make hadn't created this path:


after manually copying it from the Source CD it went fine. (I am using the latest CD source as the SVN errored out on many other files and I haven't attempted to fix that yet).

Just thought I'd mention this as the first thing I wanted to do to join in this project was to build it from code to ISO. . which I've now done.

I've seen alot of people come and go, some have promised the earth but ran when the couldn't grasp the fact that alpha software at this level involves creating the API's then the controls then the SUB API's just to put a label on the screen (for example).

I can see the frustration but I want to get to know the team and know their skills.

ALSO I have an idea for you that you guys should have really noticed by now and addopted yourselves (You can tell me why not, but I can't see why not at the moment).

Heres the Idea:

You are making a OS with full Windows support, your efforts are going into what counts most (API, Drivers, the works). . . But the one thing your not doing is letting the Great people who have attempted to help you design and test a GUI while you do this. By stopping sub development of these sorts of things your gonna add a HUGE time increase to the final product and it will also reduce the final effect of the BEST GUI ever made. . . might not seam important now but it will be. . .

Anyway here's my point.

The GUI can be created in C or C++ on ANY Windows NT OS and perfected then to port it to the main GUI of ReactOS will be minimal as ReactOS should support all the API's used, that if you guys are truely serious about 100% compatability with Windows API's.

Please consider starting sub sections for GUI, apps and Theme packs because you will NEVER spark the required interest on the GUI that comes with ReactOS currently. . . People want to see the power of the System not just the nerds like us who get amazed by the fact your executing compiled PE32 without emulation.

Please try not to knock me down like you have many others who state this topic. I am just pointing out my NEW veiws on the project while I can. .cause I am new to it.

End notes:

Good work
Great team
Great Idea


Lemme in. . . I only wanna help.

ReturnOfNights aka Nightwolf81

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Post by returnofnights »

So this is how it is here at ReactOS Development? no ones in charge and everyone ignores a posts that might have changed the future of ReactOS. . . well I am holding on my stand and if anyone whos part of the "Team" wants to say Hello I may just come back and see what I can help with.

Sorry but I've been checking here for a reply a few times a day and it's so quiet.

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Post by preston »


You know your ideas about developing themes, GUI etc. are ok but ReactOS development team is "low on human resources". There's just not enough people so devs have to choose carefully what to do and what should be left alone.

And one note:
If you want to gain some attention you should definitely visit ReactOS IRC chanel (#reactos at irc.freenode.net). Not many devs visit this forum 'cos it's bloated with useless posts and reading it wastes their valuable time.

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Post by gabrielilardi »

Hi returnnofnights,

About the building issue try to update the tree and do a "make clean" then try again.
What you state about the GUI is rather known, since you are asking in the development section, I'd suggest you participate actively (trying to do something instead of trying to say what's already known) as preston says there's too much to do, and little resources to do it all, having a nice gui is not a priority right now, that's because it'd useless while you can't do much with the OS (to implement it the limited resources should change focus to it instead of continuing improving the system). I'd suggest you pass by #reactos and ask what you can do, a new shell is being worked on, but again the time/resources comes to light, why don't you take a look at it (it works in XP - it's yet rather incomplete - but doesn't yet in ROS), see for example what API's missing and try to implement them?, this is just my personal opinion and a suggestion, by the way take a look at these too:

http://www.reactos.org/forum/viewtopic. ... highlight=
http://www.reactos.org/forum/viewtopic. ... highlight=

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Post by returnofnights »

Thank you very much. . see what a bit of winging does :D I got my answers. . .

Ok I plan on joining up with this as soon as I get my current project outta the way. . . and then I'll attempt to move my projects into ReactOS adding missing API's as I go. . that way I'll know the OS will support all I require and everyone will (hopefully) benifit from haing another Team Member.

1 More time - Thanks for your Dedicated work on ReactOS, I fully understand the Pains involved in development but yours has been worse because limiting your Range to MS compatable (must drive alot of you guys Nutz. . so I should fit in here. . admitting I'll be nutz already when I join development :D

Later RON

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