Hello all

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Hello all

Post by dgun »

Hello everyone. I have been following the ReactOS project for a couple of years now and I do have a version of React on Virtual PC (I think 2 versions before the current). I believe this project and WINE have great promise to eventually help break the MS monopoly on the desktop.

I do code, although not professionally. I would like to help in some way.

I have read the various threads and FAQS related to contributing to the project in the past, but still do not have a firm grasp of the way the project is structured. I have ZERO experience working in a collaborative system and I don’t understand CVS very well.

So basically I know nothing and have no experience. Point me toward the source tree.
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Post by betaluva »

the best idea is talk to the project devs on the IRC site, as for source, try http://svn.reactos.org/ or check the front page of this site.
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