Can't get it work on Parallels Desktop VM (Macs)

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Can't get it work on Parallels Desktop VM (Macs)

Post by papachasama »


I have installed it twice on Parallels Desktop, the first part of the instalation seems to be fine, but after it ask to take out the CD and goes for the first reboot the BIOS keep sending the same error:

"Boot from hard drive... partition signature != 55AA"

Any thoughts? sugestions?

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Post by phoenix »

That's a known bug, it has been there for ages...
You have to run the setup twice, as the bootcd won't be able to create the partitions the first time you run it.
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Post by GreyGhost »

Hello ,
yes known bug !!! Install twice for now ...

The bug was fixed yesterday in the trunk so u can expect this irritating bug gone in the next release.. :)
Regards GreyGhost
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Post by papachasama »

Thanks for the fast response.

I used other emulator (Q for Mac) and It works perfectly. I even installed it on a PowerBook G4 and it even works there (much slower than on a Mac-intel).

:) Can't wait for the beta release.
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How much support with Parallels for Intel Mac?

Post by CharlesWGreenJr »

Just did the 'double load' to get past the 55AA issue, then upgraded Parallels to the latest version and had to reload a time or two more before it was stable.

The ReactOS wizard attempts to do three installs: sound, bridge (network?), and VGA adapter, all of which fail, though that's probably to be expected at this point.

Has anyone else using Parallels attempted to do anything else, like loading the Parallels Tools? Internet access yet? (I seem to recall that there's emulation of a RealTek 8135 provided by Parallels for networking.) My understanding is that Firefox 1.5 is usable, though no mention of IE yet...

My goals for this are to be able to run the Windows-only utilities for my cell phone (via USB, probably not supported for a while), Windows Media Player to download audiobooks to my wife's MP3 player (USB again), and multimedia that's not supported on the Mac (videos, animations, etc.), usually via IE.


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