The 10 most important video games of all time

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The 10 most important video games of all time

Post by forart »

Is That Just Some Game? No, It’s a Cultural Artifact wrote:Mr. Lowood and the four members of his committee — the game designers Warren Spector and Steve Meretzky; Matteo Bittanti, an academic researcher; and Christopher Grant, a game journalist — announced their list of the 10 most important video games of all time:

1. Spacewar! (1962)
2. Star Raiders (1979)
3. Zork (1980)
4. Tetris (1985)
5. SimCity (1989)
6. Super Mario Bros. 3 (1990)
7. Civilization I/II(1991)
8. Doom (1993)
9. Warcraft series (beginning 1994)
10. Sensible World of Soccer (1994)
Even if i barelly agree (I definetly prefer Wolfenstein3D over Doom, for example) i think that ROS can include open source alternatives of this games instead of the "poor solitaires".

Here's a preliminary list:
1. Spacewar / Spacewar Type-R
2. -
3. ZoIP/Zasterisk & the great undergroup empire
4. Tetris - The classic game / Ultimate Tetris / and maaany more........
5. Lincity
6. Mega Mario / Secret Maryo Chronicles
7. Freeciv
8. Doom Legacy / Freedoom (Wolfenstein 3D Redux / NewWolf / WolfGL for me)
9. Stratagus
10. Yoda soccer / Simple Soccer / Tux Football

Suggestion/critics/ideas/links and more are welcomed !
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Post by Tachikoma_Pilot »

Why no ELITE?

for star raider get an opensource emulator and a dl link for the rom image

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Post by Harteex »

Well, the games bundled with Windows are great imo. Maybe not for a hardcore gamer, but they appeal to a lot of different people in different ages etc. And they are also such games you can play for a long time, or just play a few mins.
And there shouldn't be too many games bundled, just a few simple ones.

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Post by Mrkaras »

I think some of those still require original game files to run, and I think a lot of them may be a bit heavy to be included in an OS instal, although a type-R game would be good.

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Post by forart »

Mrkaras wrote:type-R game would be good.
Xenon 2 clone would be better to me (note: have you checked this ?). BTW, T E C H N O - S Y L P H    -vsys gaiden- rockz and is completely free... it would be great to involve its author !

[ external image ]

Well, here's MY top 10 videogame list (in ramdom order):

1. Another World
2. Double Dragon
3. Wolfenstein 3D
4. Lemmings
5. Panza Kick Boxing
6. Ironman Super Offroad
7. Simcity
8. Budokan
9. Kings of the Beach
10. Golden Axe

But i still remember cool Blockout, Dyna Blaster, Alone in the Dark, Prehistorik, Prince of Persia, Metal Mutant and many others...

Here's some (nostalgic) links:

1. Home of the Underdogs
2. Best Old Games

3. open games sorted by rating @ The Linux Game Tome
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Post by Haos »

I`m sure that everyone out there have their own list.

For me:

Call of duty
Civilisation 1
Ufo 1/2
Baldur`s gate series
Quake 1
Diablo 1
Warcraft 1/2
Monkey Island 1/2

And i have no courage for trying to put numbers on them. How many games did i forgot? How many should at least be mentioned? 30? I could POSSIBLY get a 50 names of some really important and mention-worthy stuff. Please close this thread before it`ll explode into listning frenzy...:)))

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Post by ThePhysicist »

My favourite List

Empire Earth
Neverwinter Nights
Ghost Recon
Settlers 4
Baldur's Gate
Doom (the original, although 3 is nice, too)

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Post by walter »

no carmageddon 2 on the list?? :P

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My most important video games of all time

Post by Bond007s »

My List

(Due to Playability)
1. Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn (The Original)
2. C&C: Red Alert 1 (The Original)
3. Dune 2000

For Usability
4. C&C: Red Alert 2

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Post by Radhad »

Asteroid (probably the first game I have played in my life)
Monkey Island 1
DSA / Das Schwarze Auge (I don't know the english title)
Sim City
The Settler II
Grand Prix 2
Star Craft
Ultima Online
The Sims

This is my personal ranking. I have played all these games a lot.

People who loved to play "The Settlers II": two german guys are working on an "AddOn" that includes a multiplayer part. bad thing: it is a german-only website. But I will talk to the developers, if they can translate the website in english. or join the channel #siedler2.5 on :)

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Re: The 10 most important video games of all time

Post by Caleb Current »

This is my list:

Prince of Persia
Duke Nukem
Max Payne
Mass Effect
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Re: The 10 most important video games of all time

Post by dizt3mp3r »

Of course everyone has their own list.

1. Empire (vax) - this will appear on no-one else's list
2. SSI Colonial Conquest - this will appear on no-one's list
3. Rome Total War
4. Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds - this will appear on no-one's list but the music!
5. Dune & Dune 2000
6. World of Tanks
7. Quake 1
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Re: The 10 most important video games of all time


Mine are:

1. Quake (darkplaces or vkquake).
2. Doom 1/2 (GZDoom with HQ textures and models).
3. Serious Sam Fusion (all of them, except VR).
4. Mass Effect 1-3.
5. DOOM 2016.
6. The Witcher 1-3.
7. Max Payne 1-3 (3 being my favorite).
8. Alan Wake 1 and American Nightmare.
9. Quantum Break.
10. Starcraft 1 and 2.

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Re: The 10 most important video games of all time

Post by lonesomewalker »

Well, talking about "important"...

How do you define this?
By changing the game industry?
By giving you feels?

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Re: The 10 most important video games of all time

Post by middings »

forart wrote:(I) think that ROS can include open source alternatives of (these) games instead of the "poor solitaires".
Did you make a wish or did you just volunteer to write "open source... games" for ReactOS? ;)

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