Newbie questions !!!

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Newbie questions !!!

Post by Gadem »

Ok, First, My Name is Gadem Belmont, I From In Mexico, i have a some questions firts, i use Linux dialy on my desktop, Windows, I only use for record an edit music, my work programs are: Cool Edi Pro/Adobe Audition, Friuty Loops 5.4 and audacity, will i find this programs to ReactOs?
other question is " what's up with my dual boot (GRUB) if i install reactos?

Sorry for my english, im Mexicano :P

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Post by forart »

Well, there is interesting discussion about ardour win32 port (seems that SoC goal failed...) and -as you- i hope too.
Anyway if you are a Multimedia user i suggest to keep a look @ Haiku (THE multimedia OS) that claims the R1 release (Essentially, a fully working operating system) for October.
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Post by Mrkaras »

when reactos gets a bit further along you will be able to run all windows programs in reactos, natively. currently I don't think you would have very much useful success withe audio programs.

you can duel boot using grub, I'm not sure of the details, but when reactos is done why would you want any other OS :)

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