ReactOS on my computers

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ReactOS on my computers

Post by TimB »

Hi all, This is my first post. I would like to tell you that the live CD worked on my HP 933Mhz except for the mouse. I tried a 2 and a 3 button mouse. I had Linux CDs like that too, on a P1. Also I tried to do an install, there was an option to write a boot loader to floppy, but it said there was no floppy. On my AMD 2200 (1.5 Ghz) the live CD and the install CD say press any key.... and nothing more happens. It ran OK with the emulator except for CONTROL PANEL , it would flash the icons for a second and then it (C.P.) was empty. The live CD did the same thing on the HP. I also have a VIA cpu/motherboard combo 800Mhz (made in China I think 2005) the CD on this computer also say press any key.... and nothing more happens. I hope this helps you, and I hope I put this in the right place. Looking forward to the day I can install and run ReactOS. Keep up the good work. TimB.

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Post by oiaohm »

Ok Sorry TimB you just missed where this information need to go.

Playing around on actual hardware - 0.3.0-RC1 << Current release real hardware testing. Most likely get updated sometime.

Some more details would also be handy. Like motherboard chipset. Reason just in case the reason why the disk is not working is a chip set problem. Same problem could be effecting a few 100 different named machines.

Also state verison of reactos. Kinda normal think to do around here because people building from SVN also drop by.

I think we need a more clear hardware resualt colection location.

TimB its kinda our fault for not making the location for this information more clear and what information is required.

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Post by jorl17 »


About the floppy, I don't know what the problem is, but I do know that the same happened to me.
A solution, that worked with me, may be you eject the diskette and repeat the process until it does record. I think you'll have it in no time ;) (I am now trying to dual boot with windows)

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just for the record

Post by sanjaya »

I had a problem with the USB mouse(it didn't work with) but a standard ps/2 mouse worked fine.

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Re: just for the record

Post by Jaix »

sanjaya wrote:I had a problem with the USB mouse(it didn't work with) but a standard ps/2 mouse worked fine.
USB mouse and keyboard will probably work in 0.3.1 or 0.3.2, it is being reworked because it didn't work well.

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