Block Diagrams for Process Control

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Ian Whittaker
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Block Diagrams for Process Control

Post by Ian Whittaker »

Hi, I'm new to Reactos, but have some experience of simple OS's.

Is there anywhere where I can get a handle on how the various blocks
of the operating system operate together, for example in the boot up procedure. Things which would also be useful would be how interupts & internal processes behave with the GDI.

Ideally any 'Block diagrams' of process flows, for such things would be useful, as a picture often paints more than a 1000 words!!

Thanks & Regards to everyone - Ian..

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Post by Coviti »

There is a book that some of the developers suggest, called "Windows Internals 4th Edition". This book should help you get a better understanding of how ReactOS works, since it is modeled after the Windows NT design. You can buy it at ... e&n=283155

Hope this helps,

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Post by frik85 »

The boot process of ReactOS is (a bit) different in comparision to WinNT. But anyway "Windows Internals 4th" is a good start point.

ReactOS startup sequence has been already explained (by devs) in this forum thread:

ReactOS Wiki:

ReactOS IRC Chat:
#reactos on

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