blue screen on 1st boot

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blue screen on 1st boot

Post by goatman »

HW specs are p166 32mb ram 2GB hdd lappy

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Post by kopinux »

also happens to me when i install my nvidia driver.

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Post by GreyGhost »

Welcome to ReactOS ..
It would be easier if some more info on the bugs could be provided....(is it 0.3 RC1? or svn? ) file a bug in bugzilla too after searching if any such bug already exists....
btw.. 1st boot mean ReactOS installed without any problem?

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Post by Coviti »

You should also provide as many details as possible. A bug filed with the description given here would result in -- absolutely nothing. If there are no details, it is impossible to recreate the bug, and impossible to repair it. You can copy the data on the blue screen, and attach it to the bug you file.

PS: The Bugzilla database is at

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