Beginning of a gl-wrapped directx implementation committed

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Beginning of a gl-wrapped directx implementation committed

Post by Idamlaj »

Hello, ... 06105.html

greatldr has committed the beginning of a gl-wrapped directx implementation.
Only the keyboard works at the moment, and since it is wine's implementation, it will be slower since it will need to convert dx into gl calls.

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Hope this can help...

Post by forart »

DirectX Port Home Page

HaPpY CoDiNg !

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Post by sedwards »

Its not GL wrapped. This is only for dinput that is mouse and keyboard support. Dsound will come next and then last I guess we will have people working on D3D and Draw.

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Post by GreatLord »

The wine dinput I have rewrite it so should work on reactos.
but it will take bit more cpu that normal wine dinput does.

for moment the only things working are the keyboard.

sedwards have report yestday to me some problem with it.
it refuse to load some program. I will look into it before I fix the mouse.

after dinput working fine in reactos
it is posible I will clean up my source code for dsound. it is base on wine dsound. but it will take time to make the source clean.

only thing that are using opengl in wine directx support are
ddraw and d3d.

ddraw and d3d
in reactos we need to export this call from the graphice card to win32k.sys (or was it ntkrnl) then map it to user mode. Does call that are not support by the hardware it need to be software emulate in win32k.sys (or was it ntkrnl)

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