Project - Rehab AMD E-300 APU with Radeon tm

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Project - Rehab AMD E-300 APU with Radeon tm

Post by Cyrellys »

Project - Rehab AMD E-300 APU with Radeon (tm)

Hi, Someone suggested I keep a record here of this project and any successes. Cy

Ok so first a few caveats:

I'm not a programmer nor hardware saavy per se. Just someone with spurts of time, and access to junk that usually ends up in the trash bin. I have rehab'd older machines periodically using software like Linux Puppy to get them running....but I'm not very good nor comfortable with Linux as I've always been a Windows user. I've been using my rehab'd machines for my built from scratch Internet Radio Station: Mind Mix Radio (site) (stream). I'm 100% self taught which is not saying much, imo. Maybe I should say 100% persistent at hunting for solutions?

Ok the machine:

Authentic AMD in an ACER
AMD E-300 APU with Radeon (tm)
HD Graphics
1.0 GHz
3.49 GB of Ram

Originally had Windows 7

Took physical damage from fall from BUNKBED to concrete floor below. Case has damage...but screen is good. Was totally non-bootable when I started...Windows was effectively M.I.A. That is how I received it...was originally a homeschoolers laptop.


Downloaded to USB data stick REACTOS via a different computer. Was a zip file of ISO.

Earlier this year made initial attempt to install. No go. Wasn't sure if my download was good so redownloaded the REACTOS file.

06202020 Had time. Attempted multiple times to install from USB stick the REACTOS go. Unzipped the file onto the stick itself. Tried a few more times. SUCCESS! not sure if unzipping helped (fyi). The regular install option didn't work, choosing "Emergency Management Services" did.

Did not install several drivers during the process: Audio controller, Network Controller. Doubled checked in device drivers.

It asks in a New Hardware Wizard for:

- ACPI Embedded Controller
- Ethernet controller
- Network Controller
- Audio Device on High Definition Audio Bus
- WebCam

The machine as mentioned above has extensive damage to its structure from the fall. The Power Charging area is not what I'd call stable. Requires a fat permanent marker under it to keep the power on...does not seem to be charging the battery. This config causes some lift at the cover above which is warped from the fall damage to begin with. USB plugs are serviceable but slightly offset. Have not yet tested the cd player to see if it still works. This is the first time in three years the machine has been up and running.

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Re: Project - Rehab AMD E-300 APU with Radeon tm

Post by Cyrellys »

Update 06202020 B.

Ok so attempting booting normally after booting successfully using "emergency management services" for ReactOS in the boot menu.

I get a blue error screen says "A problem has been detected and ReactOS has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.

It gives a series of suggestions to follow like checking for new hardware/software proper installation, any needed updates, disable BIOS memory options such as cache'ing or shadowing, try Safe Mode to remove or disable components, pres F8 for Advanced Startup Options, then Safe Mode.

Technical information: *** STOP: 0x00000019 (0x00000005, 0xB84BB098, 0x000000116, 0xB84BB000)


Attempting F8 Safe Mode

Boot is spooling up. Success. Opens with same New Hardware Wizard looking for the same missing device drivers.

Computer beeps audibly once. How does sound work if there's no sound driver?

Disk drive reads clean disk. Visible next to C: in My Computer

Test installation of a photo suite "MGI PhotoSuite 4" (originally had this on an old machine). Requires internet Explorer version 5.00.2314.1003 to run asks if I'd like to install the version of Internet Explorer supplied with MGI PhotoSuite 4....says it will need to restart computer after. This software disk includes some USB storage drivers on it which is another reason I chose it to see if this gives USB drive access without any special other actions.

Installation wizard seems to be working well.

Now it notifies InstallShield Wizard will install MGI VideoWave4

It alerts your current display settings less than the minimum requirements of 1024x768 at 16bit must change your display settings before running the program.

gives error: The Instruction at "0x7363104a" referenced memory at "0x00000005". The memory could not be "written". Click Ok to terminate or CANCEL to debug program. If you click CANCEL next error is REactOS Crash Reporter: The application wminf.exe has crashed. Information about this crash has been saved to: C:\Documents and Settings\Default User.REACTOS\Desktop\Appcrash_2011-05-18_12-18-57.txt

InstallShield on MGI VideoWave4 continues.
Warning: DirectX is not supported on this version of Windows.
installation continues...
Prompts for Online Registration with a thank you window. Online Registration Utility pops up. Canceling that till online.
InstallWizard completes says successful on MGI VideoWave 4 despite the few issues.

Next Windows Update: Internet Explorer and Internet Tools prompts to install the on (cd) disk 8mg included piece; gives option for customize browser 6-45MB choose components, folder choice, default, download bleh...doing the first 8mb. It asks for a folder to install IE in...just tossing it in My Documents for now. Getting error msg: Windows Update: Internet Explorer and Internet Tools: Setup was unable to install all the components. Please close all applications and try running Setup again.

Next jumps to installing CONCORD 3045 which has the drivers. Installation jumps to small error box with a red circle white bar in center. and prompts for "ok". Error box will not close. D:\ drive window can be pulled to top.

ReactOS shuts down normally. But the normal boot again fails same error msg BAD_POOL_HEADER
Using Emergency Repair Services again to's running the usual check
I'm not sure what the difference between booting using ERS vs Safe Mode is but both those methods work.

CAM-IN SUITE III link shows on desktop as does the Appcrash note.

One of the resources a ReactOS member gave me earlier includes: viewtopic.php?p=141662#p141662
It does have some potentially useful avenues to pursue for device drivers.

ACER mfg site for drivers ... t/3677?b=1
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Re: Project - Rehab AMD E-300 APU with Radeon tm

Post by dizt3mp3r »

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