What's wrong with Calmira?

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volksgeist III
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What's wrong with Calmira?

Post by volksgeist III »


I'm a linux user, and I've only recently discovered this project. I'm fascinated.

I've downloaded the live cd ISO and run it. Had difficulty getting it to run in bochs on my mandrake 10.0O system. Have however had a look at it in between reboots.

It would appear that you are in the process of redesigning the desktop from scratch. You're not doing a bad job, but have you looked at this project?


Calmira is a pretty much a windows 9.x type desktop environment, designed originally for Windows 3.1. I use it with wine on my on my system, and it works fine. I get a windows 95 type taskbar, and a pretty decent, complete version of Explorer. Not that I need that at all, given that I've got KDE, Gnome, Enlightenment and god knows what else. But it's fun to tinker with.

According to the site, it's licensed under the GPL, so why re invent the wheel?

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Post by SomeGuy »

Two problems:

1: It is written in Delphi (a very nice high-level language from Borland). To be part of the core of ReactOS it needs to be in C/C++.

2: It is written in Delphi for Windows *3.1*. It is completely 16-bit and as of yet ReactOS has no 16-bit subsystem. It might be possible to port it to a 32-bit version of Delphi but I don't know off hand how big of a job that would be.

That said, it is a very, very, nice alternate shell and I think the ReactOS folks should at least keep the high level UI design in mind when enhancing or modifying the ReactOS explorer. The last thing this world needs is another slow memory hog web browser based shell (Just because Microsoft does something does not automatically mean it is a good idea - and the IE shell was a bad one).

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Post by oiaohm »

http://www.freepascal.org Hmm most likely rebuild with this will do the job.

Note there has to be 16 bit sections of code someone wants a project. 21 meg download is the problem for me. Also there are some overlaps that will have to be removed due to never versions having the new code that the project contains.

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Post by m0n5t3r »

Every code written in Delphi can be rewrited in C....

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Post by Phalanx »

Why not just write better code aimed at the features of the C language?

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Post by m0n5t3r »

OK... you have right... but we can write quicker and more accurate (small number of errors) when we write code based on existing code (It's not important that that code is written in other language)... Always we can use all C features...

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