RTW Working on 0.3.0 SVN

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RTW Working on 0.3.0 SVN

Post by linuxgx »

Earlyer i posted regarding to fact that i got IE7 working

Well i currently have 2 more that i managed to get working.
-Rome Total War

Ill post screen Shots latter today.

Their are a few thing i need to add though.

I had to include a few windows componets to the os inorder to get the 2 games to work correctly.

I do plan on creating a replacment for the files, but for now im going to try and get some .net stuff to work correctly.

Ill release the dll to get the games to run as soon as i write them
till then have fun.
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Post by Ged »

nice work ..... keep going ;)
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Post by Harteex »


looking forward to see screenshots
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Post by linuxgx »

8) Here they are, one problem - Battles Crash the game, so i still have some work to do, looks good though

[ external image ]

[ external image ]

It hard for me to show more then to taskbar, becouse the game runs in full screen, so ya, cool rtc, party!!!! woot. :roll:

a few fixes, and on to the next program
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Post by mikedep333 »

Wow, that's very impressive that you got two directx9 games working.

I assume you have the nvidia drivers installed?

And seeing a screenshot of them doing 3d rendering would be nice.
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Post by linuxgx »

At the moment it only runs to campain map.

When its running correctly ill post some 3d rendering.
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