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I don't like the idea of having twice the same apps only in diffent trees. you can just ignore the install from source option. But if you realy want, we can add a "disable install from src" option.
I prefer optimize the apps to my system compiling it, but i know lot of people that get scared when he see a install from the sources and a binary install, they don't know what to choice, so it could be interesting a basic interface that hides the sources and an avanced interface, with the sources and other power options, so a neofit can use it like windows, without knowing what they are doing when install a program.....
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Post by Gedi »

Dr. Fred wrote:If anyone wants another solution please post it here. So that it can be included to the vote.
IMO, any proposal _MUST_ be written in C

VB is too much of a resource hog to be a viable option.
Plus, if the end product does prove useful (like apt-get) then it could be included in into the OS source.
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Quigs wrote:I personally hate these managers things...
Sounds like you used the wrong one.
IMO, any proposal _MUST_ be written in C
We are talking about a script lang not about the program. If everyone who wants to create a package needed to know C, we would run in trouble.

I think we don't need to create that many files. If we just create 2 non packed ones it will be easier to maintain. I know that (almost ?) no Linux packgemanger goes that way but that is because they have the data files include into the package file.
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Post by frik85 »

Open Source Software (OSS) for Windows (List):
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Post by Dr. Fred »

Good link !

But we have to test them all and check if they run under ROS.
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I have created a API section at the wiki( ... ageManager)

Please tell me what you think about it.
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Re: Packet Manager

Post by Blackcrack »


i had found this tread and had think.. humm, i had pm's with Jaix
to have an idea of an packetmanager like zip/or other compressed pack + autoupdater or so..
copy if it is give some automatismus, only in the magical folder ;D

Code: Select all

C:/program files/ROSPM/install-scripts/

catalog=Tools/Textedit/Winntgui/Multiple Text Editors
Name=<b>Notepad2 </b>  ;//html-enabling?
destr=A notepad Editor with Syntax-Highlighting (engl)   ;//html-enabling?
progger=Florian Balmer
hp= ;//linking with the Programmername target="_blank"
downlaodprotokoll=html     ;//http,ftp,sftp, ;) or other networks
name=                                  #//to buy enabling or others ;)
pass=                                   #//to buy enabling or others ;)


;//compressfile and installoptions
sfx-exe-typ=upx   ;//decompress and decompress-installing, upx, rarsfx,zipsfx,arjsfx, ucsfx
enhancedcmdline= /p /encrypted  ;//like an enhanced programm to possible buying/autoupdated by buyed or others :mrgreen: 
installer-typ=script       ;// name/ext. , script by self(extract, create and copy/reg+linking) or 0 or nothing *g*
uninstlog=1                ;//to uninstall manual per hand
uninstallexe=1            ;//to uninstall manual per exe ( Admin/singleklick)
use-in-pack-reg=0      ;//if exist in the pack a regfile in the root of the pack
;// 0= read not the regfile // 1=implemet the regfile // 2= implemet the regfile and the regstring in this script
fistartprogram=1  ;//if first install, then start program behind the installation
autoupdate=2    ;//0=manual updatecheck by Admin//1= anancing uptate // 2=anancing update behind installing // 3=silence update /System Update

checkupdate-righm=w      ;// a updatereminder, h,d,w,m,j (who can enabling in ROSPM-config such as cron/reminder)
;// if howerly or weekly
checkupdate-time=01:00,am  ;// or weekly =monday,01:00,am // or monthly=2,monday,01:00,am


;//linking in menu,rootonly,alluser,user,desktop,etc
;//Filename,Menu,Desktop,.....and more mus write the programmer/s

[Program Folder]

;//therefor can anyone create a Menueditor for admin and a exefile to start
;//as admin how as sudo in linux or kdesu in kde so like as "runas.exe"
;// for easy reating plugins can anyone write a normal run.exe to enabling in the panel a little plugin
;// as little run "run.exe runas administrator menuconfig"

; //for ROS-Spez. Installing]

; Additional Settings for Notepad2
; Notepad2 must be restarted after the values have been
; imported to the registry (press Ctrl+L from Notepad2).

; Notepad2 Toolbar Button Customization
; The following settings can be used to customize the appearance of
; the Notepad2 toolbar buttons.

; Toolbar Strings
; Remove the ; in front of each button you would like to display a text
; description in addition to the image.

[-HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Notepad2\Toolbar Strings]
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Notepad2\Toolbar Strings]
;"16"="Word Wrap"
;"18"="Zoom In"
;"19"="Zoom Out"
;"25"="Save As"
;"26"="Save Copy"
;"27"="Copy All"
;"29"="Find Next"
;"30"="Find Previous"

; Toolbar Bitmaps
; It's possible to use custom bitmaps for the Notepad2 toolbar. See the
; file Toolbar.bmp from the Notepad2 source code package as a template.
; Note: if you have created a nice set of toolbar buttons and would like
; to release it to others, please drop me a note:



; International Support
; Specify default ANSI code page and character set. Experimental...!
; Code Pages (incomplete):                         Character Sets:
; ------------------------                         ---------------
;    0 Default                                       0 ANSI
;  874 Thai                                          1 Default
;  932 Japan                                         2 Symbol
;  936 Chinese (PRC, Singapore)                     77 Mac
;  949 Korean                                      128 Shift JIS
;  950 Chinese (Taiwan; Hong Kong SAR, PRC)        129 Hangul
; 1250 Windows 3.1 Eastern European                130 Johab
; 1251 Windows 3.1 Cyrillic                        134 GB-2312
; 1252 Windows 3.1 Latin 1 (U.S., Western Europe)  136 Chinese Big-5
; 1253 Windows 3.1 Greek                           161 Greec
; 1254 Windows 3.1 Turkish                         162 Turkish
; 1255 Hebrew                                      163 Vietnamese
; 1256 Arabic                                      177 Hebrew
; 1257 Baltic                                      178 Arabic
;                                                  186 Baltic
;                                                  204 Russian
;                                                  222 Thai
;  NOTE: Convert to hexadecimal before using!      238 Eastern European
;                                                  255 OEM


; Miscellaneous Options


; Default Extension
; The file extension specified here is automatically added when you type
; filenames without extensions in the open and save dialogs. The default
; is "txt", and "" means no extension.


; Large File Warning
; Set the limit in megabytes (hexadecimal) for the load warning message.
; The default setting is to display a warning for files exceeding 1 MB.
; disable -> 00000000
;  1 MB   -> 00000001
;  2 MB   -> 00000002
; 10 MB   -> 0000000A


; Opacity Level
; Opacity level in transparent mode in %. The value must be
; indicated in hexadecimal notation.
; Note: transparent mode is activated by pressing Alt+U.
; 100% -> 00000064
;  75% -> 0000004b
;  50% -> 00000032
;  33% -> 00000021


; No Fade Hidden
; Disable faded appearance of hidden and system files in the "Open with"
; and "Favorites" dialog boxes.
; enabled  -> 00000001
; disabled -> 00000000


cmdline1= regsvr32 /s %installpack%\\notepad2.reg
cmdline2= %programfiles%\\notepad2\\notepad2.exe  .\notepad2.txt
cmdupdateline1= %programfiles%\\notepad2\\notepad2.exe /about        //if it is give to show new version if updated
cmdupdateline2= regsvr32 /s %installpack%\\notepad2.reg

take an look and maby it is coming some ideas uppon..

best Regards
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