Install ReactOs on harddrive

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Install ReactOs on harddrive

Post by Klod »

I have a PC that I use for experimental purposes. I would like to install ReactOs as the only OS on it. How would I go about it?
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Post by cmoibenlepro »

For the moment you can't download reactos because of the audit process.
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Post by Klod »

I d hav a copy of the latest release
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Post by Mrkaras »

If you have a copy of the install cd iso already you should be able to burn it to cd, boot of the cd and install like you would windows. I think you may need to have the hard disk partitioned and formated first, as far as i know reactos install won't do this for you yet.

when reactos is installed you should be able to boot of the hdd, just make sure you don't need a usb keyboard or mouse (not suported).
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Partitioning before or by the installer

Post by steveh »

My experience is that:

- the installer can partition C: and D: if you want FA16

- you should partition C: or D: before, if you want FAT32. Linux, Windows, FreeDOS or commercial harddisk tools from Symantec/Acronis will do that.
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Post by reactux »

there are limitation in the installer:
*number of partitions
*primary partition

having an official(if i,or another user provide a dd image it wouldn't be a trusted image) dd(the dd program: dd if= of=) image would be great
personaly i can cope with the install but because of the limitation it's very hard to install it in some systems(mine for example)
the vfat filesystem is easely a linux dd(the program) install is easy under linux:
*create a partition(with parted.qtparted,gparted... or any open-source or comercial hdd partitioner)
*dd if=file of=/dev/hdxx
*resize the dd file to the size of the partition(with command line tools or mabe even qtparted does it if my memory is good)
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