(usb) boot process, SystemRoot, vbemp.sys 0xc000003a !found

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(usb) boot process, SystemRoot, vbemp.sys 0xc000003a !found

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Attempting usb boot from cd drive of locally built r73488 livecd, logging to screen.

Part of debug output indicates ZwOpenFile failure for \SystemRoot\system32\drivers\vbemp.sys with status 0xc000003a at sysldr.c:3025 (which is STATUS_OBJECT_PATH_NOT_FOUND).
vbemp.sys is to be found on the disk when viewed from windows at reactos\system32\drivers\vbemp.sys
(I realize this may be a symptom rather than cause - comments on that possibility invited as well as main intent following)

Requesting useful info about when/how in boot process SystemRoot (guessing intended to be the environment variable) becomes reactos and anything else pertinent about the assigning/mapping/accessing of such environment variables, perhaps particularly as it may relate to usb device access, but boot process in general may be helpful.


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