ReactOS dont load after driver install.

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ReactOS dont load after driver install.

Post by Xindage »

Hi i'm new there but i get in persistent issue whit the Reactos (Alpha 4.3) so i decided to ask here. (Real Hardware Testing)

Since i finally managed to dual boot my laptop to winxp (this one of i'm using now) and reactos i decided to test the drivers of i used in xp to reactos to see if i can improve the generic drivers.

Most of the drivers or just dont work or load, some kill reactos to BSOF, but both them are skypable (and still let me boot reactos), but when i try to intall my "Intel(R) HD Graphics" they install it fine, after finishing he ask me to restart, then i do it and after it reactos wont load anymore.

i want to know if there's a way to revert it whitout having to reinstall reactos, since i dont know if it is going to hurt the dual boot set here.

Thanks for reading and sorry my bad inglish and brazilian native.
Edit: Since here is dual boot and all partitions are fat32 i can open reactos partitions from win xp and vice versa if it help.

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Re: ReactOS dont load after driver install.

Post by ctasan »

You'll need to file a bug report on, info is available on our wiki.
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