Reactos Loading Problems

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Reactos Loading Problems

Post by tester1982 »


i had tested to run the Reactos Install-CD on my older Intel 2.8 GhZ Quad Core.

The problem i had has nothing to do with the system itself, it's with the boot-process.

The system is halted after the "Loading drivers"-screen with a blank

So i just think that the drivers will eventually be loaded but there is another problem with the installer at the moment.

The probs occur with the 0.41 Install CD Environment.

That's all i can tell you right now. If i got further info on my test via this system i will tell you.

Hope this can help.
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Re: Reactos Loading Problems

Post by xkiter »

Hi guys,

Tried to install in 2 different machines (Haswell motherboards) and could not get it to boot. Was expecting to pre-install into 20 units for a client that ordered "no OS" computers (usually these go w/ FreeDOS) so that he could see ReactOS working and eventually would start to use it instead of likely bootleg copies of Windows.

Hope some priority is given in the project for real hardware and as I said earlier, for "one function" uses like POS (support for printing and USB critical for POS). It is the way to have a real market starting.
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Re: Reactos Loading Problems

Post by dizt3mp3r »

No, no and NO. ReactOS is NOT ready to be shipped /trialled by customers. Alpha grade software is pre-beta and beta-grade software is trial only.

All you do by giving ReactOS to end-users is to cement in their minds how unusable ReactOS is.

ReactOS is for testing, raising bugs and debugging purposes only.

Oops, I just responded to a year-old thread - sorry. I hereby, with the powers vested in me, raise this necro'd thread from the dead (accidentally).
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