.NET/Java support

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.NET/Java support

Post by zbowling »

Hey guys,

Just to introduce myself, I'm one of the core (Non-Novel) developers on the Mono project (the crossplatform .NET runtime and class library implimentation). I just managed to get ReactOS to load Mono correctly. We also have an implimention of Gdi+ which is backended with Cairo. We have a native winforms implimentation in the works as well that does something similar to swing in Java. We bring our own GUI toolkit to draw the windows using api calls and registry look ups on win32 to detect the window settings. Its working great. Also with the use of IKVM.NET I was able to get Java running on ReactOS. Its pretty cool. We don't have the COM support of .NET even though we do have a win32 version (no need for ole/activex/com support since we don't target win32 for more then just testing and helping us port). It's really cool! I'll post screenshots later and post the patches to mono root later. The next version of mono for win32 should work for reactos out of the box.

It would be great if someone would write a wrapper around our embedding api so it would follow the .NET's native header. Its some what similar but needs some creative developers to write some hacks. :-)

Awesome work though!!

Zac Bowling
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Re: .NET/Java support

Post by Ged »

Hi Zac

What patches did you incorporate to get this to run on ROS?

The reason I ask is that if your Windows port runs on Windows without any issues, it should also run on ROS. We shouldn't need a seperate port.
If it doesn't then it's due to missing functionality / bugs in ROS that need addressing.

This is very interesting though, great work 8)

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Post by Lucractius »

Yeah good job catching that ged lol i almost got to exited to relise when i read it lol

programs shouldnt need porting from windows to reactos, they should work from the get go, any bugs are at our end not in the program :)

but nothing stops programs being "Optimised" for reactos to take afvantage of whatever we can do better than windows :P
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Post by Ged »

Lucractius wrote: but nothing stops programs being "Optimised" for reactos to take afvantage of whatever we can do better than windows :P
Any optimisations/differences between Windows and ReactOS are behind the Win32 API call. We both provide the same programming interface for software to interact with.

In retrospect, I would say that what you said is not possible, as it would mean software making use of non Win32 API calls. As Microsoft also state, only the Win32 API is certain, undocumented functions are subject to change and could brake software relying on them.
The only way we can make Win32 programs run faster on ReactOS than on Windows is by making anything under the Win32 API faster than the Windows alternative.
(Gé has already proven this is possible with his DIB optimazations, in which we were ~4 times faster than XP 8) )

However I don't quite understand what Zac meant, which is why I asked. Perhaps these patches were required for Windows also, in which case they would be correct for ReactOS too.
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Post by slyi »

Was that post for real? as i dont see anything in their mailing list archives http://www.mono-project.com/Mailing_Lists

Also this Zac Bowling isnt mentioned in list of dev in http://www.go-mono.com/archive/1.1.10
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Post by menn »

slyi wrote:Was that post for real?
probably. nothing to be gained in this thread by impersonating someone that doesn't exist.

but hey, stranger things have happened...
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