Does ReactOS stack up?

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Does ReactOS stack up?

Post by spider »

ThinkPad 600 2645 85A:
Hd 20g: primary 2g; D to L, each 2g logical.
Problem: Just installed and tried ReactOS: Just what I need. But.
1.It it hangs on this many partitions. (not overly important)
2.The display is barely readable; mostly yellow. (very serious)
I am building a network of five of these aging laptops into a single "Stack" computer.
Is this worthy of a topic.? The architecture is called HierNet.
The concept is relatively old, but more efficient than RISC or CISC and will be burned into a BIOS (hopefully with ReactOS nodes). A Kind of poor mans super-computer. :oops:
Am too old and silly to finish it on my lonesome.
Am gratefull for any assistance.

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Post by spider »

OK, I guess I'm on my lonesome, at least with the thinkpad, so I'll keep on replying to myself as I discover new things: Yesterday I tried ReactOS on my Compaq 600 EN ane the same display problems occurred.
It seems that others will have had tha same experience, so if your listening, where do I start looking. Once I get the display working the rest should be a piece of cake.
I am finding out lots of interesting things about the ReactOS developers though it is too mundane a point to create a topic out of, but I think it should be said anyway.
First, I like the attempt to rise above the "Demos" (Greek for mob).
It is easy to see that the ReactOS "chiefs" have a better understanding about getting the most out of the ReactOS "indians".

The principle categories, Users and Developers is very clever.
However it is not as it might seem i.e. as an ex professional analyst, I know that the "principle" which heads a category must be an imperative (an absolute), if the ensueing logic is not to end in a fallacy. Again the criteria of that "absolute" must not lie within the same body of knowledge.
That means that the tern User and Developer must be heterogeneous.
That is to say, a User cannot be a Developer in the same context.
Traditionally speaking a computer User is not a computer Programmer (in the same domain).
From what I have observed so far the ReactOS Users are not truly Users but Reactos Programmers working under direction or inspiration or guidance of ReactOS Developers. This is not, in itself, a bad thing.
However it does send the wrong message to traditional or authodox professionals.
I have of course worked it out for myself and will acknowledge your approach, but it would be wise to let traditional professional users know that they do not have to drop their "bread and butter" projects (which may be merely using a spread sheet) to participtate.
A spell checker would be nice.

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Post by GvG »

Which ReactOS version did you try? The 0.2.4 release that's on the website? A new release (0.2.5) is around the corner, to be published before the end of the year. Maybe you can try with that?

To be honest, I don't have a clue about what you want to say in your "Users and Developers" paragraph.

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Super Computer

Post by Jaix »

Nice with someone thinking about making a supercomputer around ReactOS, but the sad thing is that right now it doesn´t even have networking, you have to wait some days more until January for that when a network enabled ReactOS will be released.

There is also a lot of other things not implemented in ReactOS yet so the present Clustering softwares on the market probably will not work. But that is okay in version 0.2.4, ReactOS has a way to go until it reaches 1.0.

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Post by rastilin »

Perhaps you'd be better off trying this with linux, there are some nice kernels made especially for this sort of thing.

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Post by Royce3 »


As far as the screen being yellow, I would bet your laptop's video card doesn't support vbe properly, or there may still be bugs in our vbe implementation. Try reinstalling and selecting vga.

You are right... up to a point... about the user vs developer thing. All of us developers want to use ros to do our development on, and as this project is 99.99% volunteer, it's going to stay that way.

That being said, we are on the verge of having OpenOffice working, at which time we will have our spreadsheets and spell-checkers.

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Compaq 600 EN

Post by avryhof »

Well, considering that the compaq 600 EN has an ATI Rage PRO TURBO graphicas card, it should support VBE just fine. This is considering it as being similar to the ATI 3D Rage Pro AGP in my Cybercare workstation (which I run ROS on).

I wonder; what monitor are you using? On the laptop, it's possible the LCD can't handle the ROS VBE output. As far as the Deskop system (the 600EN) goes, that's a wonder as well...unless you are hooking the laptps up to the same monitor as an external.

Please post more details, so myself and the developers can try to duplicate the issue and resolve it. Do you have a digital camera that you can take a screenpic with? If so, that would be helpful, just let me know via Private Message on this forum and I will send along my e-Mail address to send a copy to.

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